Ignoble Nobel Babel babble.

…Meanwhile, in Seattle, my wondrous cousin has a Nobel issue as well.

Yeah, being a self-centered asshole who happens to write for a living won’t turn you into the next Henry Miller. Glad I’m not the only one holding this opinion…
Why American novelists don’t deserve the Nobel Prize
An American hasn’t won in 20 years. The Academy finds our writers insular and self-involved — and they’re right. (23 hours ago)

Well, not that I’m against constructive criticism, but the overall tone of the article is a bit too apocalyptical for my taste. American literature is doing just fine, with some fresh talent on the way (Franzen, Eugenides, Safran Foer) and some very eligible authors, like Roth. This being said, I really don’t understand why nobody mentions Chuck Palahniuk for the Nobels, since he is a truly revolutionary writer in my book. Y u no like nihilists, Stockholm? (23 hours ago)

Meh, I am of the minority unimpressed by the Fight Club style bravado. Although I admit that I should probably read more before forming an opinion about the Nobel-worthlessness of one person. However the dude just doesn’t appeal to me for some reason. (22 hours ago) 

Fair, fair. Fight Club aside (I genuinely believe that the film far exceeds the book in scope and depth), I was mainly referring to Choke, Haunted, Rant & Diary (I haven’t read Invisible Monsters). And yea, Palahniuk may have quite an off-putting approach to literature, but the same was said, in his time, about the guy that you mention above as a reference for nowadays writers.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the one to say that the Nobel should go to Palahniuk, or Roth, or to any American writer for that matter, just to help American literature escape its cold and lonely island. I’m just saying that the media, the publishers and the writers themselves, in the US and everywhere, tend to suffer from a paradoxical Stockholm syndrome: they fell prisoners to a system of reward that they criticize fiercely but embrace with a mesmerizing adoration.
Still, as things are at this point, the literary prize is merely a political prize. However, if I were the president of the Swedish jury, I’d award this year’s prize to Borges, just to repair a historical and literary injustice that’s annoying me since… forever. (22 hours ago)

Except they don’t award Nobel prizes to dead people. They used not to, at least… S-apoi, de ce facem critica literara in engleza? (20 hours ago)

Aia ma întrebam si eu in petto, dar mi s-a parut mai fain si întrucâtva logic sa aberez despre lucruri straine într-o limba straina:) Eh, ai tu dreptate, dar e pacat ca nu se dau premii autorilor decedati, unii morti sunt mai meritorii decât multi vii nominalizati si premiati în ultima vreme.
Sa ma ierte doamnele Muller, Jelinek, Lessing si Szymborska si domnii Le Clézio, Pinter, Naipaul si Xingjian, daca luam ultimii 15 ani ca exemplu, dar daca ar fi trait în vremea ne-premiatilor Tolstoi, Twain, Greene, Nabokov si Borges, ei bine, n-ar fi calcat în viata lor în aula de la Stockholm. Noroc cu Llosa, a mai salvat aparentele…
Si zau ca nu e un discurs de genul unde-s zapezile de altadata, nu sunt deloc vreun nostalgic si-mi place literatura noua de mor, mai ales cea anglo-saxona, dar sunt amarât de multa vreme de faptul ca alegerile comitetului se bazeaza mai putin pe meritele literare ale indivizilor si mai mult pe ‘persona’ lor publica.
Ok, si daca nu se poate Borges, atunci Rushdie ce-are? Ca vad ca mai degraba se stinge ura ayatollahului decât dispretul suveran al academicienilor suedezi:) (15 hours ago) 

Rushdie are coarne si picioare de tzap. :)Da’ stii ce? In seara asta iau avionul catre Stockholm si ma mai interesez la fata locului… Pe bune (well, cel putin partea cu luatul avionului e pe bune). Pupici. (7 hours ago) 

Haha, o avea Rushdie picioare de tzap, dar cu certitudine nu scrie cu ele:) Foarte bine, meri de investigheaza. Have fun in Stockholm! 🙂 Pune o vorba buna si pentru Cartarescu, ca bietul om intra în fibrilatii de ani buni când vine vorba de Nobel. (1 hour ago)


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