Astray in Transliteration.

When in Paris play the guessing game.

The French have an undoubtable poetical approach to renaming foreign movies. See the above poster, for example. Here, at least, they kept as reference the original title, Norwegian Wood, but I can bet a certain Mr. Murakami cries somewhere in the dark. Tears of joy, most certainly.

…Just as I laughed with happy tears in the past years, seeing bigger-than-life cinema posters bearing names like:

Maman, j’ai raté l’avion = Home Alone.
Les dents de la mer = Jaws.
Piège de cristal = Die Hard.
Sueurs froides = Vertigo.
NewYork – Miami = It Happened One Night.
Les évadés = Shawshank Redemption (yeah, who cares about spoilers anyways).
Mon beau-père et nous = Little Fockers.

…And, cherry on the French cake, they also reinvent titles:

Sex Intentions = Cruel Intentions.
Good Morning England = The Boat That Rocked.
Very Bad Trip = The Hangover.

Lost In Translation retained its particular title on the French screens, though.


~ de ubiquus pe iunie 10, 2011.

2 răspunsuri to “Astray in Transliteration.”

  1. I think it’s the Jaws Transliteration that gets me laughing the most. I can see an old nautically insane man shaking a cane (or a pegleg) eerily whispering „Jawwws… The teeth of the sea”.

  2. …”Jawwwws… The teeth of the sea” uttered by Spencer Tracy as the old nautically insane man, I presume.
    Anyways, just you wait, I’m gonna take a stand for the poor French in my next post. If only I could motivate myself to finish it. Oh, Spencer, my old man, if you would only send me a lifeline, a punchline, well, any unfishy line…

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