Docteur Godard, sau imaginea lucida.

Jean-Luc Godard, invitat la emisiunea lui Dick Cavett, în 1980: 

I remember a quote from a CBS head saying – he was laughing because… he said: the people think we are producing programs, but only second[arily], first we are producing viewers. 

Movies are still successful, whatever the support is, tape or disk or, I don’t know, crystal in ten years or in a hundred years, it’s because movies are strongly related to our feeling of truth. 

There is nothing like one image; an image is always a link between, or the result of the shock of two images. 

To go from one station to another one you need a train – and I think movies are the train of the station. And I feel myself as being more as a train and less of a station. […] And that’s an explanation why I’m less anguished, because I am not waiting anymore for the train.

I consider myself more as a doctor or as a patient, and the movie more like an x-ray, so I can show either my disease or my health to someone else, and if he likes me he’d like to help me to be cured or to go on. There is an image of myself and I needed to speak to someone…

~ de ubiquus pe iunie 6, 2011.

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